Is it time to hit the eco-friendly gym?

I have never blogged before and while not being a complete computer Luddite I did regard the request to complete a blog with some trepidation. I have been the General Manager at The Hampshire Court Hotel for 2 years but I still consider myself to be very fortunate both to lead the hotel but in particular to lead the fabulous team here. I decided early on that I would like to take personal advantage of at least some of the extensive leisure facilities we have at the hotel and get a bit fitter. Predictably this lasted about 3 months and has been pretty much missing as part of any routine since. This needs to change soon though!

In October this year the Basingstoke half marathon will be taking place and the main sponsor of the event is Shire Pharmaceuticals. As Shire are a company who choose to use The Hampshire Court Hotel extensively, it seemed only right that we submit a team for the event. Our team is made up of Chris - Ops Manager, Georgina – Leisure Club Manager, myself and 2 more unsuspecting people who have that pleasant surprise to look forward to. Since we first talked about the half marathon, Norton Park, our sister hotel near Winchester became quite competitive and asked for a team to be entered on their behalf. QHotels now have 2 teams and 10 people entered all raising money for Asthma UK. I will update you on results / fatalities after the event in October. Although significantly better at sports than computers I am by no means a natural runner and I had taken the view that participating in the half marathon would be a one off which supported a great client for the hotel, a worthy charity and a promising new local initiative. However I did not bank on the efforts of Kelly Taylor, Hampshire Court’s new Director of Sales. In all of the appointments Kelly has had with our corporate guests, the merest mention of a run has been greeted with a ‘Dan our GM would love to do that.’ As a result my non use of the gym really does need to change.

There is a silver lining to this state of affairs and that is, I will be able to get into shape in the newly refurbished gym suite here at The Hampshire Court Hotel. We have spent just over £220k in the gym and in conjunction with Pulse fitness can now boast the most innovative, state-of-the-art cardiovascular and resistance equipment, including IPod integrated systems. The new gym is sure to be a real hit with both residents and members alike… …and it will give me an opportunity not to disgrace myself in October…

Dan Kelly

General Manager – The Hampshire Court Hotel, Basingstoke, Hampshire

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