Staff – Ambassadors or Assassins?

Hi my name is Simon Barker and I have the enormous privilege of being General Manager of Bridgewood Manor in Kent.

Recently I was having a chat with one of our regular guests who had stayed at a competitor hotel the week before (shame on him) because he wanted to ‘try out somewhere different’. Ok I thought – I understand that, venue fatigue and all that, a change is a good as a rest, even though we’ve recently launched a loyalty scheme for regular guests, so he can get more out of stay with us now.

“So why did you come back after only one visit I asked him inquisitively”?

“Because I missed your staff Simon” was his reply. “At the other hotel the staff don’t care like your staff do, they don’t go the extra mile like your staff do and they certainly don’t seem to enjoy their jobs like your staff do.  Staff can be ambassadors or assassins Simon” he told me.

So having much food for thought I spent the rest of the day reading the many positive guest surveys that I had received from the weekend, re- read the TripAdvisor reports that had praised my team and then thought, what a great honour it is to work with these dedicated individuals who, collectively, form one of the best hotel teams I have ever worked with.

I’m sure you can all relate to this, how many times are you paying for a service and not get any recognition? Buying your daily newspaper, filling up at the pumps, buying your weekly shop, are you really getting a ‘I really hope you enjoyed your visit here and I really hope you come back’ kind of smile? Here at Bridgewood Manor you do, and I have the customers and the reviews to prove it.

I’d better get myself off to morning brief and tell my team this story and give them a bit of motivating start to the day. They’ll think I’m mad!!

Simon Barker
General Manager
Bridgewood Manor

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One Response to Staff – Ambassadors or Assassins?

  1. Supriya Gurung says:

    I must say VERY MOTIVATING…..nothing MAD about it at all !!! At the end of the day, it is all about being appreciated in return for appreciating others !