Summer at last?

As I sit here looking out over the Campsie Hills we have an unfamiliar view. That unfamiliar view, for which we have been hoping and praying for the last 2 months, is for the sun to be splitting the trees, for the sun and breeze to be drying out the golf course and putting smiles on the faces of the golfers desperate to play.

It has sadly been a long summer so far with torrential downpours, the perennial Scottish drizzle and long sleeved jumpers as opposed to the shorts and t-shirts we would all have been hoping for. Now however the course here at The Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort is looking good. Lush, thanks to the moisture filled summer and now, finally, firm thanks to the sun.

So far in 2012 the greens have been a highlight, while not always lighting quick one can be assured of a steady roll to the very back of the cup every time, well perhaps every time is wishful thinking but golfers can dream.

To enhance the natural improvements we have been experiencing in the past few weeks we have now started a number of works aimed at improving the course for the present and in the longer term. These include drainage improvements for fairways and bunkers, filling in and re-turfing of damaged areas such as alongside the dog leg 5th hole and vertidraining the greens. We are aiming to have these works completed in the next week and cause the minimum amount of disruption to the golfer in the process.

While these works are undertaken I and the team here at The Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort are praying the good weather stays and that this really is Summer At Last.

To book a round of golf at The Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort please click here. Alternatively please email us on or call 01236 725 281 to contact one of the team or to find out more about our superb brand new six month golf membership.

We hope to see you at the course and happy golfing.

Iain Baird

Golf Shop Manager – The Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort

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