Taking in the beauty of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

I had an amazing experience recently on an early January morning.  It was cold but bright, in Stratford-upon-Avon as I took a stroll down the river banks of the Avon.  The beauty of the scenery grabs hold of you and makes you stop.  Whilst stopping for a moment to feed the graceful, brilliant white swans my mind wondered off to take in and fully appreciate the design and grandeur of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in front of me.  I was hastily brought back to reality as a swan tried to take my finger as I fed them!  The theatre is magnificent in many ways and fills the town with a central focal point that continues to ensure the works of the grand master ‘Shakespeare’ live on.  Over the coming months Stratford-upon-Avon will wake up and warm up and tourists from round the world will come to see the history this marvellous town has to offer.  I love this time of year in Stratford and I have no doubt if you haven’t visited this part of the country yet that you too will love it.  Many people return time and time again as there is so much on offer in Stratford-upon-Avon.  To ensure your stay is complete with a touch of luxury The Stratford, a QHotel, offers many fantastic deals online and is only a short walk away from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.  Why not take advantage of booking your theatre break directly with The Stratford during July and August this year in support of the summer festival of Shakespeare.  I have no doubt you too will get lost in the moment as I did that January morning.  I am Annie Brown and  hope you will come and see us in Stratford this summer.

Annie Brown

General Manager – The Stratford

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